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Info Beasiswa Universitas di Australia Deputy Vice-Chancellor Top-Up Scholarships for Australian and International Students in Australia.

Study Subject: Scholarships are provided in the field of Business, Creative Industries, Education, Health, Law, Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI), Accident Research and Road Safety Queensland (CARRS-Q), Science and Engineering and Future Environments at Queensland University. Scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate research degree level at Queensland University Australia

Scholarship Open for International Students: Australian and International Students can apply for these scholarships.

Info Beasiswa di Perancis Universitas di Australia at Queensland University, Scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate research degree level. Applicant will receive a top-up scholarship to the value of $6,000 per annum to supplement your initial living allowance, payable for up to 3 years for doctoral students. The application deadline is 13th October 2013.

Info Beasiswa description: Top-up scholarships are awarded to exceptional candidates to supplement an initial living allowance scholarship. We fund many living allowance Scholarships for research students, and we regulate how much you can receive as a living allowance scholarship. There are also rules about how much you can earn to supplement your scholarship income, and from which sources.

-have Honours First Class (or equivalent)
-be completing your PhD or professional doctorate
-be ranked in the top 20 APA recipients in the annual scholarship round (excluding Vice-Chancellor’s top-up recipients).
This scholarship is available for domestic and international students.
You can’t apply for top-up scholarships if you currently hold:
-Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)
-QUT Postgraduate Research Award (QUTPRA)
-QUT Masters Scholarship (QMS)
-QUT Strategic Masters (QSM)
-Owen J Wordsworth (OJW)
-Indigenous Postgraduate Research Award (IPRA)
-International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)
-Research Capacity Building Award (RCBA)
-any scholarships sponsored by your home country or an external organisation.
If you’re not eligible for scholarships in the annual scholarship round, you may still be able to apply for scholarships offered by your faculty or institute, or externally funded scholarships.

How to Apply: The mode of applying is online. Future students apply for admission to QUT during the Annual Scholarship Round. Indicate on your application for admission that you wish to be considered for a scholarship. The annual scholarship round closes in October each year. Current research students apply during the Annual Scholarship Round via QUT Virtual.

Info Beasiswa Universitas di Australia Scholarship for International Students in Australia at Queensland University Information and Application detail in the url

Info Beasiswa Australia 2013 Universitas di Australia at Queensland University for postgraduate research degree application deadline is 13th October 2013.

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