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Info Beasiswa S2 Pendidikan at AUN/SEED-Net offers Master’s Scholarships Japan in Engineering fields at the Japanese Supporting Universities 2013

Beasiswa Luar Negeri Description: AUN/SEED-Net provides Master’s scholarship Program to highly qualified young faculty staff /prospective young faculty staff of Member Institutions to acquire Master’s degrees in ten engineering fields at Host Institutions. During two years of study at Host Institution, students will be jointly supervised by advisor at Host Institution and Japanese co-advisor from Japanese Supporting Universities to conduct the highquality thesis research under the supporting program called Collaborative Research Program. AUN/SEED-Net promotes collaboration between its members and industry, and it is essential for the prospective young faculty staff to study the concept of Management of Technology (MOT), mainly in Intellectual Property (IP) and Marketing and Innovation. The opportunity to join MOT course will be offered.

Beasiswa Luar Negeri Study Subject: Engineering
Course Level: This scholarship is available for pursuing master’s degree
Scholarship Provider: AUN/SEED-Net
Info Beasiswa can be taken at: Japan

(1) Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline of engineering, or to be awarded the bachelor’s degree before starting the Master’s degree program.
(2) Applicants should be ranked within top 10% of the class, or have the grade point average of 3.0 or higher from the grade point system of 4.0 in their undergraduate study.
(3) Applicants must be young faculty staff of Member Institutions, or graduating students, or young graduates of Member Institutions who are strongly motivated to pursue a professional career as faculty staff at Member Institutions.
(4) Applicants should be not over the age of 30 at the time of application and capable of carrying out independent research.
(5) Applicants who have already received another equivalent major award, Scholarship or a salary to undertake a proposed course are not eligible for scholarships.
(6) Applicants should be aware that some Host Institutions strictly require their applicants to obtain a TOEFL and/or GRE score as an admission requirement.

Scholarship Open for International Students: International Students can apply for these scholarships

Selection of Host Institution:
(1) Applicants must choose to apply to the Host Institution(s) that offer(s) their proposed field of study.
(2) Each Host Institution has drawn up sub-topics. It is advised that all applicants should be well aware of research areas that each Host Institution can offer to AUN/SEED-Net students before selecting
Host Institution(s), by carefully studying the sub-topics and choose their tentative thesis researchtopics accordingly. (For details of each engineering field, please refer to Attachment 1).
(3) Applicants are eligible to apply to the maximum of two fields and/ or two Host Institutions.
(4) Applicants can apply to Host institution in own country if they meet all requirements below:
• The Host Institution and the Sending Institution is the same university.
• They graduated the previous degree from this Host Institution.
• The course they apply for uses English language as medium of instruction.
AUN/SEED-Net Master’s Degree Program 2013
(5) Applicants should be aware that some Host Institutions strictly require their applicants to obtain a TOEFL and/or GRE score as an admission requirement. (Please contact each Host Institution for more details.)

Number of Scholarships : Around 60 scholarships for the Japanese Fiscal Year 2013 will be supported. The scholarships, in principle, should be distributed across fields.

Duration of Awards:The commencement of scholarship should be within the Japanese Fiscal Year 2013; that is, awarded students should commence their study within April 2013 – March 2014.

What does it cover? The scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, visa fee and airport tax, and a round-trip air ticket, in accordance with AUN/SEED-Net regulations. There may be partial support(s) from concerned Host and Sending Institution.
* Living expenses for the successful applicant who studies in own country may be adjusted.

Application Procedure: Applicants submit one (1) set of AUN/SEED-Net’s Application Form (for scholarship) and two (2) sets of Host Institution’s Application Form (for university admission), along with other required documents to the contact person at Sending Institution to which the applicants belong for endorsement from the Dean or designated person before sending the application to AUN/SEED-Net Program. AUN/SEED-Net’s application form and Host Institution application form are available. The list of names of contact persons at Sending Institutions is given in Attachment 2.
- Please note that sending application directly to AUN/SEED-Net without an endorsement letter will not be accepted.
- In case of applicants studying overseas, Application Forms as well as other required documents can be submitted directly to AUN/SEED-Net. The applicant may send the request the contact person of their respective Sending Institution to submit an endorsement letter to AUN/SEED-Net.
AUN/SEED-Net Master’s Degree Program 2013, The announcement of the award of scholarship is done through the Sending Institution of the applicant.

Beasiswa S2 Jepang at AUN/SEED-Net offers Master’s Scholarships Japan Information and Application detail in the url :

Info Beasiswa 2013 Pendidikan di Japan Application Deadline: Applications for the Master’s Degree Program should be submitted, in printed forms, to AUN/SEED-Net by January 31, 2013.

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